The Brothers of the Bronx since 1918 have made the pursuit of charity one of our most important Masonic endeavors. We raise funds through our charity ball journal. We sell Ads and boosters and many months of diligent work goes into the preparation of this journal, the profits we generate are shared with charitable organizations such as yours.

These charities have varied missions; some shape the moral fiber of our children through Boy and Girl Scout programs, we support three Houses of Worship who continue to provide the moral support and nourishment that our souls require as well as community food banks and outreach services. We help our Masonic Home in Utica and a local hospital that brings comfort to families as a family member approaches the end of their life, we do four blood banks that provide hundreds of pints of blood and plasma to countless members of our community.

We may not see how your efforts impact others, and maybe if we did, asking for money would be easier. It is easier to react to a face, but the true gift of charity is that gift in silence, and the satisfaction that we have made a difference.

Our motivation message to our brothers is a simple one “If you Care Then Please Share, if you don’t then who will”. Our success is due solely to our Brothers’ efforts in selling Ads and Boosters. We thank God for them and their efforts and we hope in your acceptance message you include them as part of your appreciation for the gift you will receive.

Will you consider giving blood during our next drive?